Welcome To Eastern View Farm


Welcome to our Farm.

At Eastern View we understand that in order for our customers to have the best gardens, we need to provide the best plants. So we start with our growers, making sure we get the best quality plants for your needs. We practice organic methods, and we make sure that our plants are optimally watered and fed so they are ready for your garden.

By shopping at Eastern View, you have the advantage of knowing that you are getting the best plants for the best price. We stand behind our products and our customers because we understand that if we provide quality products, we will have quality customers. Our management is involved in the community, and understands the value of shopping with and supporting local businesses. We are not only a local business, but the best local farm nursery in Dutchess County. Eastern View is conveniently located right off of the Taconic. Having a horticulturist as our farm director provides one of the best advantages over any chain store nursery.